Welcome, Authors!

Are you looking for an editor? Maybe you’re getting ready to submit your manuscript to agents and are interested in obtaining a professional copy edit before you send it out? Or maybe you’ve just finished your first draft and need some developmental editing to refine your work before moving onto your next draft? Or perhaps you are a self-publishing author in need of a professional copy edit or proofread before submitting your final book for publication? I offer competitive pricing for a wide range of editorial services for all authors (traditional, self-published, indie, and hybrid) at any stage in the process. I also work with several independent publishers in need of an end-to-end editorial service.

I’ve worked as a professional in the publishing industry for twelve years, and I spent many of those years as a development editor. During that time, I worked closely with authors to help improve their prose, presentation, and voice. I’ve worked with many authors in a wide variety of academic disciplines and genres (including higher education, children’s, middle-age children’s, young adult, new adult, romance and erotica, action and thriller, as well as non-fiction and true crime). I began providing editing services for friends and family outside of my professional career in 2011 and founded Hartwell Editing in early 2014 as a way to open up my services to additional clients. Since then, I’ve taken on dozens of independent freelance projects and I spent three years working with the incredibly talented freelance editing team at Evolved Publishing. I am also proudly featured as a preferred freelance editor by the Independent Author Network.

In addition to editing services, I am now offering formatting services for Paperbacks and eBooks (ePub and Mobi)! Check out my rates here.

Plain and simple, if you’re serious about writing, you need a professional editor. Heck, even a great editor needs an editor! I am willing to work with you to make sure you get the services you need for an affordable price. Your work deserves it. Please contact me to discuss my services and rates!